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Lasercut light bulb

Working a laser cut light bulb Using Openscad / QCAD it wil be posible to change parameters for different sizes and material thickness. The version I have now is 30 cm tall but hass a small “design” problem. Unable to change out the bulb 😉

Polygon Rabbit ( a openscad tool)

Oke first real post here. I made a tool to generate openscad polygons.
Its still under construction but it is usable 😉

Each layer is a module.

Here is a demo


Here is de online version
Here is the AIR (requires air runtime) in de sidebar is badge that will also install the application.
Download PolygonRabbitDesktop now.This application requires Adobe® AIR™ to be installed for Mac OS or Windows.
It will have bug’s so do not kill me.