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Lasercut light bulb

Working a laser cut light bulb Using Openscad / QCAD it wil be posible to change parameters for different sizes and material thickness. The version I have now is 30 cm tall but hass a small “design” problem. Unable to change out the bulb 😉

(laoslaser part 3) Connecting the to laos board LS3020

Stuff i did so far on my LS3020 to LaosLaser build

– moved the yellow and green wires so that yellow is on “Laser ON E” and green is on “Laser ON C”

– replaced stepperstick with pololu’s (others had problems)
– tried to connect both mainboard MBED en LCD to usb de MBED responded normally but the LCD did not (so both 5V and 24V are needed)
– wanted to check the serial info again but had some troubels using “screen” command on my mac (yes i am a terminal noob)
– now i am using coolterm
– and that works fine and has a UI 😉
– almost al test work but the steppers do not seem to work in a normal way maybe they are not getting enough current
– sdcard some times works and sometimes it does not weird
– tried to brun a hole but that was only posible with the potentiometer (that regulates the current) also weird

O well maybe this weekend more fun

(laoslaser part 2) HPC LS3020

Sooo we got thogeter with a bunch of people at the JeeLabs HQ to solder our laos board (thnx Jean-Claude) and made great progress. Al of us finessed and tested the board (also hooked it up to the LS3020 to test the steppers).

Here are some pictures of the result:
– LCD Screen with Joystick (the joystick is soldered faulty i will have to turn is 180 deg)

– The main laos board (missing the power connector)

(laoslaser part 1) HPC LS 3020 Lasercutter needs a new brain

Well it had no brain to speak of 😉
The new brain i got from:
Nice overview:
Where goes what:

Revspace also has one:
Where to get plexiglass

Stuff i may need:
visicut inkscape plugin